Ryan Eckert

artist from Belleville, Illinois

currently living in Phoenix, Arizona

MFA Candidate- Arizona State University 2017-2020

MA-Eastern Illinois University 2017

BFA-Eastern Illinois University 2015

      “My work deals with the inner struggle of my own human condition and the path through my struggles into finding righteousness, while living in a world that is exceedingly becoming more and more unrighteous. Sinful struggles are reoccurring themes in my work. Flowers are motifs that have become a symbol of life and death for me as well as a symbol of desire. They portray the importance of daily thoughts and choices and their eternal affect on my life. The other motif is the circle. The circles take the form of abstracted targets. This idea stems from the Greek word “hamartia” which was an archery term used to describe sin in its definition of “missing the bulls eye”. There is a use of patterns or stripes throughout these works that at times resemble tally marks. These are my way of symbolizing my own habits, whether they are good or bad ones and how the effect my daily Christian journey. The paintings contrast the want for earthly ambitions and the spiritual journey to persevere beyond those desires. Leaving the ambition to follow a righteous way of living and love, recognizing forgiveness, and ultimately continue heading down that path through the longevity of my life.”

 Ryan Eckert


Instagram: ryan_paintings

Contact @ ryaneckertart@gmail.com